Industry Knowledge

A Smart TV Box VS A Smart TV

When you drill down to the base of it, a Smart TV Box has much of the same functionality as a smart TV itself (albeit at a fraction of the cost). Here we show you some of the pros of a Smart TV Box versus a smart TV.

Uninterrupted Updates

With a Smart TV Box connected to it, both newer and older television sets get transformed into a portal that delivers high quality home entertainment to you – all at the touch of a button. In comparison to a smart TV, you can manage the content and updates of your Smart TV Box swiftly and easily with our dedicated app which was designer for you for ease-of-use. Due to this, you can still use your TV even while your high quality home entertainment is upgraded and refreshed through the Smart TV Box.


The benefits of a Smart TV Box versus a smart TV also become apparent when you realise that your Smart TV Box is easy to move and transport. If you spend a day on the couch watching high quality home entertainment through your Smart TV Box, you do not have to pause and resume it the next day when it comes to bedtime. Simply unplug the Smart TV Box and connect it to the TV in your bedroom so that the entertainment can continue. In this way, each and every television set in your household can gain smart TV functionality with the addition of the Smart TV Box. Instead of spending thousands on multiple smart televisions, invest in a single Smart TV Box and connect it to the television that you wish to transform.


The Smart TV Box is sure to make your friends and family jealous as they see the high speed and high quality home entertainment available to you at the touch of a button. Cure their envy by giving them a Smart TV Box as a gift – perfect for the box-set bingers, film fanatics and sports fans. While buying somebody a smart TV is expensive, the affordable Smart TV Box is a great alternative as it carries with it no monthly fees or hidden charges. As you can see, the Smart TV Box is the ultimate device that brings uninterrupted and accessible high quality home entertainment to you and your loved ones. Invest in one for yourself today or purchase one as a gift for somebody else and bring the world of modern home entertainment into your home. Transform your televisions (old or new) into a portal of high quality home entertainment with a Smart TV Box.