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The difference between Amlogic S905, S905X and S912

Amlogic S912 CPU with octa core is rapid and stable, which provides the high performance for users in any occupation. Users are easy to enjoy the latest movies and games. It comes with the newest Android 6.0 System. Abundant app resources for you to choose and install. Support Bluetooth 4.0 version. Support kinds of media and photo formats, meet the varies customer demands.

S905X is a cost effective model based on S905, the greatest spotlight is that S905X supports VP9 decoding while S905 not. Another one is the price. As a newer model, S905X has better performance, however, the price is same or a little lower. Last,  S905X is tailored to Android 6.0, while S905 is for Android 5.1.

The following table is the detail difference between Amlogic S905, S905X and S912:


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