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Can I Updated Version of Android TV Box?

This is a popular question for many Android boxes. Everyone wants the latest version, but can Android versions be updated on Element boxes?

The answer is no, the version cannot be updated.

It’s not because we don’t want you to have the latest version, it has to do with the chip sets that are used on our boxes.

Each chip set is built with a particular version of Android that allows the box to run. With the newer chipsets, come the newer versions of the Android operating system. This is why we often release newer versions of Element boxes. We want you to have the fastest, easiest streaming experience with the most features available.

While some of the older Element boxes, don’t have the latest version of Android, they do have the absolute best version made for the chips that run those boxes.

Other companies have tried releasing beta versions of operating systems for their boxes, only to have the update cause way more problems than they tried to solve.

We don’t want this to happen to you.

This is why you won’t see us trying to update the versions of Android on our Element boxes. What we will do, however, is offer a great product specifically designed to work great with the version that is installed on it. We will also offer great support on those boxes as long as you are using them.

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