Industry Knowledge

Classification of TV boxes

TV boxes according to the interface is divided into two main categories. The first category, is the most common VGA TV boxes. VGA TV boxes as the name suggests, mainly in the VGA interface for connection, does not require any drivers and software support will be able to monitor use, easy to operate. Is different from TV card, VGA TV boxes with an external independent design, from mainframe computers to work alone, without opening the host can watch TV. Because video-box internal PCB Board with shell, so not only avoids the electromagnetic interference in the chassis, and there are no compatibility issues. But the disadvantages are also obvious VGA TV boxes, that is, no recording function. Monitor or projector to watch the large screen TV with him.

The second TV box, HD digital TV box--D VI is known as TV boxes, even HDMI TV box. D VI TV box TV box that is, d VI interface, d VI, known as the DigitalVisualInterface, it looks like this is a 24-pin connector. Transmission of digital signals, the digital image information is not subject to any conversion. And traditional analog VGA interfaces to reduce the hassle of digital to analog to digital conversion process, avoiding signal loss, leads to improve image clarity and detail. Most projectors or high-end LCD monitors are equipped with a VI-d digital interface. China has few d VI interface TV box, only just a brand.