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How does Smart TV box become popular?

For most younger users, smart tv box is not an unfamiliar product. To most people, the impression of it almost always stays in "multi-functional player" that can play online video and local video. Therefore, the next time, China professional Set-top box manufacturer - SDMC will introduce for everyone, what’s smart tv box?
The smart tv box is actually smart display device accessories, but it does not rely on TV. The computer monitor, projector, and even large-screen mosaic screen can actually use the box to play video. Generally speaking, it is a collection of network connection, high-definition playback, intelligent processing, game entertainment for the integration of equipment. Allowing users to spend the least money, with the most simple way to experience the convenience of intelligent trends.

Mainstream set-top box on the market at present basically can be divided into three categories:  the first appeared in the field of IPTV, then broadcasting system set-top boxes began to popular, the latest major manufacturers launched OTTset-top boxes. The current discussion of the market, it is basically concentrated in the third device, rarely publicize the first two.

Although the IPTV set-top box issued by telecom operators has not been exposed, it may still be the most familiar set-top box products.  As the earliest "box" products, it can be said to be the market "enlightenment teacher". At that time it was only broadcast products can give users a better effect than ordinary TV watching and more channel selection. Fixed monthly fee paid, is the first choice for many families.


However, with the emergence of rising star, IPTV seems a little behind the rhythm, gradually being "marginalized." While the set-top box of the radio and television system is the choice of the majority of families after the cable TV digitalization upgrade , so the degree of penetration is also very high.
With the development of technology, especially the concept of intelligent landing and network popularization.There have been a number of products that rely on the Internet to play online resources. Also mentioned in the above third categories of "box",  It is by the domestic Internet companies, home appliance companies , video providers teamed up with broadcasting system enterprises jointly launched the OTT TV products.
This type of box can bypass the limitations of cable television, allowing users to watch a lot of free video resources. Free is its biggest characteristic, the characteristic makes the appearance of smart tv box showing explosive growth trends.  The set-top box manufacturer is very large, products vary greatly . Resources on the network are good or bad.  Disorderly, is also a feature at that time.
After that, with the market norms, the use of the network free to watch non-genuine resources have become increasingly difficult, box products have begun to get on track. Small manufacturers difficult for a living, big manufacturers are also active in the transformation, after a year of development in 2014, it has the today’s situation. SDMC has successfully listed on the NEEQ (Stock Code:430755) in May 2014.

According to their different operating systems, OTT set-top box can be divided into the box with apple iOS system and equipped with Google Android system smart box.  Carrying IOS system box is currently only Apple's AppleTV, while other smart box products are currently equipped with Google's Android system such SDMC box.
In fact, the smart TV box integrates the computer and mobile phone video playback function , the biggest difference between it and the others two "box" is a powerful video resource search and on-demand ability.
Of course, in addition to these three types of boxes, we also do not recommend choose another box. It is a "code sharing" approach to cottage the outside satellite TV set-top boxes. The use of such "box" not only have some legal and policy risks, but also because the relationship is gray industry, after-sales service is no guarantee, so we do not recommend users to select these products. It took the form of "code sharing" Cottage foreign satellite television set-top boxes. Using this kind of "box" not only has certain legal and policy risks, but also after-sales service is not guaranteed, so we do not recommend users to choose these products.

The OTT TV box is different. At present, Although it will be largely affected by the network, resources and other aspects. With the increasing number of companies entering this field, the whole industry will become more and more discourse power. With the corresponding resources will be more and more,  the gap between it and Radio & television box will become smaller and smaller in the video fluency and timeliness . Even the last fully catch up is not impossible.