Industry Knowledge

Set-top box connection

1. cut off the set-top box and TV set.

2. using RF cable to the RF input of the set-top box (RF input) and cable TV signal connected to the socket;

3. AV cable set-top box TV "video", "left/right" (audio), connected to the interface. Yellow is video, white (l) red (r) for left and right channels, plugs correspond to colors.

4. set-top box connected to the 220V AC power plug.


1. If the TV has an s-Terminal input, s-cable and s-terminal connected to the output of this machine, higher image quality can be obtained.

2. loop output: is used to watch analog TV. The set-top box with a cable top box loop output connected to the antenna input of the TV; for users to combine analog TV programs (for watching digital TV and analog TV programs, user AV/TV by switching the TV to achieve). If you don't watch analog TV, no connection.

3. If there are other devices and set-top box connection problem, please contact our network center.