Industry Knowledge

Set-top box hardware

From the structural point of view, set-top boxes by the main chip, memory, tuning demodulator, return path, CA (Conditional Access) interfaces, external storage controllers, and video/audio output, and other major parts.

Tuner demodulator

Tuner demodulator part is used to transfer digital signal modulation and demodulation into the transport stream, tuning demodulator in different forms to different digital set-top boxes, such as satellite set-top box for QPSK demodulation (DVB-S), used in QAM demodulation of digital cable set-top box (DVB-c) and terrestrial transmission for OFDM demodulation of digital set-top box (DVB-t). More popular on the market manufacturers of tuning demodulator Thomson, Sharp, etc, some domestic manufacturers produce a demodulator, such as montage, Guoxin, have a certain market share.

Main chip

With chip technology of development, increasingly more of manufacturers will set-top box of function more to integrated in a main chip in, for example now most manufacturers are will CPU, and decoding device, and solutions complex with device, and graphics processing device and depending on audio processor integrated in chip in the, even some to Philips for representative of chip manufacturers will tuning demodulation device also integrated in chip in the, formed integration of chip solution programme, effective to reduced has devices cost and improve has reliability.