Industry Knowledge

Set-top-box interface

1. signal input: digital signal input for connection to cable TV signals.

2. signal loop output: digital signal output that can be used to connect to other set-top boxes.

3. RCA composite video signal (CVBS) interface – the simplest and most primitive video interface. Commonly known as the RCA connector, yellow is for video signal, white for left channel audio signal, red for right channel audio signals.

4. the YPbPr: color-difference component interfaces for connection to TV set or monitor.

5. s-video: definition video interface, c y luminance signal and chrominance signal separate the transmission. Ensure that the luminance signal chrominance signal interference with not.

6. SPDIF: optical digital audio interface for connection to stereo or TV.

7. USB: universal serial bus, USB can be connected.

8. network interface: Ethernet interface and can be used for Internet access, program updates, interactive, and so on.

9. VGA:PC is widely used in the field, and includes VGA and SVGA type that supports 1920X108060Hz resolution display.

10. RS232: interface for program upgrades.

11. SCART: European unified standard video interfaces, can automatically identify the device input/output relationship between, single (stranded) wire, simplify the connections between the devices. SCART CVBS signal interface STB, interlaced RGB signal, audio signal.

12. HDMI: high resolution video output for connection to TVs or displays.