Industry Knowledge

Set-top box maintenance

1. do not use ordinary hard disk optimization software design, because reading and writing strength over fatal damage to fragile micro hard disk. Hard disk player usually will have "project mode", in which can clean the micro hard disk reset operation. More convenient.

2. hard disk magnetic media is being used, so be sure to keep it away from magnetic fields, or hard drives will be magnetized, loss of data. Common magnetic field source loudspeakers and cell phones.

3. do not use at high temperatures, crystal oscillator frequency will make the hard drive changes. But most will not have to use special temperature conditions.

4. use in summer. We sweat more, once the hard drives when wet will cause a short-circuit, destroyed hard drive. So. Normally used in the process is the best hard disk player can be placed on a dedicated protector. This can not only avoid the invasion of the sweat, and prevent the player casing is scratched by hard objects.

5. work in different ways, because of a hard disk with Flash memory, hard disk read/write heads and disk access very close, if strong vibrations might damage the hard disk, and ranging from disk bad track, heavy hard scrap. So we better not take hard disk player movements, usually the best hard disk player used a silicone case, which played a buffer role.

6. generally the companies in the product comes with a small bag, or use the silicone cover, to prevent scratches.