Industry Knowledge

Set-top box software systems

Set-top boxes as a client system, in addition to good software systems also need to be equipped with different hardware platforms to allow it to complete a variety of tasks. Set-top-box software may be divided into three main layers: application, Center, explains, and driver layer, each layer contains a number of program or interface.

Driver layer

Driver layer including set-top box hardware drivers and API interfaces, it is mainly used to perform operations on the hardware device.

Explanation in the middle layer

Explanation in the middle layer will be recognized by the STB application instructions into CPU instructions, thereby driven mobility hardware device and complete the operation. This layer includes an embedded operating system, middleware, CA resident software, and so on. Although the use of middleware to the STB software design and application bring great benefits, but the high cost of use, hardware needs increase and technological immaturity of middleware few applications in China. Many software designers use software to write applications that call the driver directly, it can meet the needs of the moment, but with the increase of demand, STB middleware is a good solution.

Application layer

Application layer host applications and downloadable applications can be divided into two parts, different design concepts for STB software applications contained in these two areas are not the same, rational planning of the composition of the two parts will help improve the STB's reliability and response time. Less current domestic application of set-top boxes, mainly in the EPG, data broadcasting, stock, simply download the game mainly, and digital TV's charm lies not in watching TV, but that this digital TV platform based business applications, these applications will improve people's everyday life. With the construction of a two-way network, the popularity of interactive applications, based on interactive applications will be more and more, it can also bring unexpected value-added income for operators. CATV digital set-top boxes with very high technical content, which reflects multimedia, computers, digital compression, descrambling algorithm, encryption algorithm, communication and network technology development.