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Set-top box works

Set-top box modules in Internet high speed access, [1] working together. Users by sending requests to a URL. PPP point to point protocol used during a transaction, which eventually reaches the Internet service provider's modem sharing on the rack. And then using a dynamic distribution method, the user access to the IP addresses used in this transaction, and requests to the Internet. When Internet content is found, then send it to an Internet service provider (ISP), and then by the ISP's router is responsible for sending it to the cable TV network, and finally returned to the user's set-top box. In cable TV set-top boxes, message content being intercepted. Set top box between TV and cable networks to perform a task for the gateway. Its mission is to manage IP traffic, has the ability to control user access to the network once the IP packet to set-top boxes, separated from the Pack down video signal, decoding the data, and prepared to send it to the browser on a TV show.

Due to the Cable Modem requires the user to configure a computer to the Internet, affecting the user's extension, and use set-top boxes do not need a computer, a TV is enough, and set-top box market may be promising. Information using who from enterprise to family transition, network bandwidth from narrowband to broadband transition, user network equipment from PC machine to with set-top box (STB) of TV transition, using interface from Windows to TV remote control key interface transition, information content from for enterprise service to for people life service transition, is network service development of direction, set-top box (STB) apparently is this direction Shang of a stage.