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The difference between digital tv stb and internet tv box

The two most common TV boxes in our living room should be smart set-top boxes and digital set-top boxes, both of which can provide rich and massive viewing content, but the two are very different, so what are the differences? Today let’s make a depth analysis.

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First, the different of definition

Digital TV set-top box is mainly used for traditional analog TV to provide a more clear radio and television screen, it is connected to the coaxial cable, converted the digital signal into  analog signals that old-fashioned TV can play. Through the digital TV set-top box conversion, we still can enjoy clear picture.
The smart set-top boxes also called internet smart tv boxes has advance technology, rich function. In addition to the function of watch the traditional radio and television, the more important function is watch the online video. Unlike digital TV set-top boxes, the signal source access of smart tv boxes is the network cable, through the built-in decoder can play online video streaming media files, closely connected a large number of Internet resources and traditional TV together.


Second, the different ways of using
Digital set-top box is the set-top box provided by the operator, the charges are high, basically equal with monthly net fee . Most of this set-top box does not have a separate operating system, and users can not freely install the software.

internet set-top boxes are generally use independent Android system, you can freely install the software, you can brush machine, etc., basically can achieve the functions of computers and mobile phones. Just connect to the network, and there is software on it, no other charges. internet  Smart set-top box has a separate operating system, relatively high hardware requirements, so the hardware configuration and decoding ability are good, . Supports all popular video formats.

Third, the different of function
Digital set-top box: the general family to open the basic functions of services, you can watch the national TV channels and local channels, standard definition quality; 4K or higher resolution TV need to open high-definition services to enjoy high-definition picture quality, and can enjoy a wider film and television drama

Smart set-top box: You can free install apps through the third party application market to watch TV and play game; large video games and live television need to ensure that the network environment,  or it will not produce caton.

In general, the network set-top box is more flexible and more abundant digital TV set-top boxes in the provision of content, and in terms of price, digital set-top boxes need to pay high costs, which network tv box can be completely eliminated, And you can be free to install a lot of third-party software, but also can watch a large number of video.