Industry Knowledge

The function of set-top boxes

The basic functions of digital set-top box is receiving digital TV

Such as: 

(1) electronic program guide (EPG). To provide users with an easy to use, friendly interface, you can quickly access a way to watch TV

(2) high speed data radio. Can provide users with the stock market, ticket information, electronic newspapers, popular websites and other news

(3) software online upgrade. Online software upgrades can be seen as a data broadcast application. Data broadcast server will upgrade the software radio in DVB data broadcast standard, set-top boxes to identify the software version number, version does not receive the software, updated software and saved in the memory

(4) Internet access and email. Digital set-top boxes with built-in cable modems easily Internet access capabilities. Users can use the set-top box built-in browser to Internet and send e-mail. Also can provide a variety of interfaces connected to the PC and set top box, PC with Internet connection

(5) conditional access. The core is a set-top box conditional access scrambling and encryption, digital set-top box should have the descrambling and decryption capabilities.