Industry Knowledge

TV box

1. automatic channel search

First of all turn the monitor on, then switch the remote control is pressed, TV shows will appear on the screen at this time, very easy! If you want to see other channels, press the channel button, and see if there are programs appear, at this time, in the right corner of the display there is always "automatic D/K" message, this is the "automatic search" function. "Automatic search" means a search will all receive programs and stored, when the channel search is complete stops at the last search channels. Press the number keys on the remote control to "1", you can choose from the "1" channel began to search, and then hold down the A-SEARCH key 1-2 seconds until the display "01-band-1 adjustable storage" then open your hand, automatic channel search is completed, if some sound formats do not, use "SYSTEM" keys to adjust until the sound is clear so far. These operations are similar to normal TV mode of operation the Basic, I believe users can quickly get started.

2. manual channel search

Auto-search TV channel, we feel this way is found too few channels and image color, brightness and clarity of the need for further regulation and, therefore, for some weak signal channels, if searches failed to record automatically, then you can manually search for a save function to save Taiwan. Press M-SEARCH button on the remote control, high frequency searches from the current channel. After search, press the store key and enter the channel number, then press the store key to store it, and can be received in any one channel. Then press M-SEARCH button will continue to search for the next channel.