Industry Knowledge

TV box Troubleshooting



Possible reason


After turned on, without any display

The power cord Doesn’t

connect or socket without electricity

Connected power plug, ensure normal voltage electrical outlet

TV with images without Voice

Audio cable is not connected

Re-connect the Audio cable

TV Box in MUTE state

Please press mute button to restore volume

Audio setting is abnormal

Please enter the audio and video Settings menu, select the appropriate sound channel and language

Volume is too low

Turn up the volume

Fail to connect the network

Cable connect is abnormal

Please reconnect internet

Wi-Fi closed or the signal is too weak

Please restart the Wi-Fi or adjust the position of this machine

Controller failure

Remote control is not in the correct direction

Please aim at the front panel's ' SENSOR', then try again

Remote control is with low battery

Please change the batteries

Remote control is broken

Please send it to the local maintenance station for checking

Display no signal

Wrong signal connection

Please connect the antenna in correct way according to the manual

The television station has not transmit any signals

lease try again later when signal is available

PVR/Timeshift is invalid

USB storage device is not connected

Please ensure that the device is connected to the USB storage device

USB devices are with insufficient capacity

Change with a USB device with sufficient capacity and try again later.

USB devices are not formatted yet.

Please format the USB devices and try again later.