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What Android Smart TV Device do I need?

The Android Smart TV Box market is flooded with literally hundreds of models. Leaving one big question - which one do I go for?
Well, that really depends on what you want to do with your Android Smart TV Box.
For a start they come in all shapes and sizes from a little pen drive (called Sticks) that connects directly into your TV's HDMI port to a Set Top style boxes.
At the end of the day it’s down to personal choice and tastes.
In our experience Android Smart TV Boxes are far better than Sticks, they have been built and designed to run Streaming Apps like Kodi, whereas the sticks simply were not designed to run Kodi, they get very, very hot when streaming. 

Terms used in descriptions

SOC (System-On-Chip)
CPU  (Central processing unit)
GPU (Graphics processing unit)
Flash Memory / Nand / (Storage Space),
Ram (Random-access memory)

Your choices of any of the above is purely based on the size of your budget.
If you are looking to simply browse the web, play a few games and stream using Apps like Kodi then ideally a Quad Core CPU will do the trick just nicely, we have really moved on from Dual Core CPU’s unless you’re buying a very low budget, older device.
An Octa Core CPU will not show a massive increase in speed, but has benefits when multi-tasking and the later CPU’s support HDR-10 and Dolby Vision with HDMI 2.0a more about that later.
As for the GPU, good boxes these days that come with an Amlogic Quad Core CPU come with the Mali450 3D GPU and this does a great job.
The new Octa Core CPU’s comes with Mali-T820MP3 3D GPU.

Ram will vary from 1GB - 4GB in some cases. Again deciding on what you want to do with your Android TV is dependent on how much RAM you would require.
In basic terms more RAM the faster the box will operate.
If what you are interested in is watching HD movies either over the network (streaming) or off your own NAS/external USB Hard Drive then the more RAM the better. Get the most RAM your budget will allow, however for most people 2GB will be more than sufficient.
Unless you have two boxes side by side to compare, a 1GB RAM box operates fine, but a 2GB RAM box will just run smoother and faster than a 1GB box giving a much better streaming experience..

For Internet browsing and streaming a Quad core CPU with 2GB of RAM 8GB Flash would be the obvious choice.  You may require more storage space than 8GB because you can soon fill it up.
We would recommend as a good all-rounder an Android Smart TV Set Top Box with a Quad Core CPU, 2GB Ram & 16GB storage if you can stretch your budget to this specification. Or for a little extra an Octa Core CPU (Specially designed for 4k HDR10 / Dolby Vision) 2GB Ram and 16GB Flash.