Industry Knowledge

What is an Android Smart TV Box?

Let me first explain for people who may not know just what an Android Smart TV Box is and what it can do.

As the name would suggest it has an Android operating system developed by Google, much like a lot of modern touch screen mobile phones. You may have noticed these mobile phones have a lot of Apps (Applications) installed like web browsers such as Google, email Facebook etc… 

well an Android TV Box is similar except an Android TV Box allows you to view it direct on your television. A better name for an Android Smart TV Box would be Android Mini PC because really that’s what they are.

The Android TV Box has the Google Play Store installed so you can simply add whatever Apps you require from web browsers to games, all your social media, Office Apps to music players, the list just goes on and on and on..., literally thousands of Apps are available for you to install. These are so much more than a cool gadget, turning your old TV into the ultimate multimedia gateway giving you the smartest TV on earth!