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What is TV Box with Android?

Android Smart TV Box is a special kind of product, which is not a cup of tea for everyone. It's not just a TV, it is a smart appliance. An appliance, which enables the user to do a lot of things. And this is what makes it special.

Android Smart TV Box is a term used for the Android device used for the TV display. It's called as a Box, as it comes into the shape of a Box. Whose size isn't more than 5 inches wide and not more than 2 inches tall. Generally, they're smaller in size as specified above. As the terms aren't much specific, the hardware in it may vary according to its various kind of application.

In more simpler terms, we can define the Android TV Box as a set-top box. This box has got the size similar to that of the Apple TV. This system runs on Google Android operating system. You may have also come across of the Android TV Stick which offers the same service.

But the only difference is that this system is in the form of Box. This Android TV Box needs to be connected to the HDMI port of the Smart TV. Using this system, you can get easy access to many contents which is available via Network Access.

If you wish to go the legal way, then you have to buy your favorite content via the Android TV Box. Nowadays many similar Boxes are available in the market, which markets themselves with the similar features along with free content. Mind well with these systems, since they are illegal to use.