Competitive Pricing, Content Availability Drive OTT Wave Across Argentina

A Carrier y Asociados report has revealed that nearly seven in 10 connected Argentinians consume over-the-top (OTT) video, driven by convenient prices and content.

ott argentina 02 september 2017Over the past year, the share of Argentina’s internet-connected homes that consume OTT video has increased from 55% to 66% according to the Internet y consumo audiovisual reportreport.

Among the reasons given by OTT consumers to subscribe to streaming platforms, the possibility of binge-watching is the most important, followed by multi-screen availability and more affordable prices.

“The trend to watch video across different screens is boosted by massive adoption of smartphones and tablets, as well as the significant growth noticed among smart TVs, all of which simplifies access to OTT,” said the report.

According to Carrier y Asociados, the percentage of connected homes that subscribe to OTT instead of pay-TV has also increased from 4% to 8%. “This is not necessarily implying an increase in feared cord-cutting, but it does point out that OTT can replace pay-TV,” added the report.

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