DV8219-LTE 4G Android TV Box Demo Video

DV8219-LTE is a quad core 4K Android OTT Box with 4G LTE.

It’s small in size and rich in design.
It has very powerful configuration and stylish appearance
This box is equipped with a 4G SIM Card slot, and TF Card slot.Powered by Amlogic S905X processor, it’s no joke when it comes to performance and it has everything you need.
This is the boot interface.The underneath menu bar is Media, App, Games and Settings.
First, connect the box to TV.Insert a SIM card into the card slot, then you will see the 4G sign.
You can surf the internet by 4G Function ... on TV!
Bigger screen and better viewing experience.
As for games, this box supports OpenGL ES2.0, 2D/3D hardware acceleration.
Fully support various Android games.Very smooth and sharp graphic resolution.
It also supports Bluetooth/2.4G/Cable Gamepad to play game.
Fully support major IPTV/Network video in both domestic and overseas.
It also supports 4K 60 frames video from Youtube and Netflix.
You can watch huge amounts of programs.

Choose the correct WI-FI, you can transfer the pictures, audios and videos in your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and so on using this box.
Now I randomly pick an online program.
The content is showed on the other side.


Similar function.
Scanning photos on TV is really fantastic.
No delay, no distortion.
It plays bi-directionally.


Now I want to watch a downloaded video in my pad.
Playing one side, too.
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