Israel’s Partner Communications Plans 2017 IPTV Launch

In a statement, the company said it “anticipates that the Anti-Trust Authority, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Finance will increase their efforts to remove the existing barriers in the broadcasting market in order to encourage competition that will benefit the Israeli consumer”.
The news confirms Partner Communications’ desire to deliver IPTV services via a new fibre optic network, in a bid to become “a comprehensive telecommunications company”.

The company, which rebranded earlier this year after ending a long-standing partnership with Orange, is looking for a new income stream after the opening up of Israel’s telecommunications market in 2015. It now operates communication services under the Partner and 012 Smile brands.

Speaking earlier this year, CEO Isaac Benbenisti said Partner’s new fibre optic network would “allow the company to offer the fastest Internet services in Israel at competitive prices as well as advanced and high quality television services”.

Rival mobile operator Cellcom has already launched an IPTV service, while telco Bezeq – which operates the YES satellite pay-TV service – and cable company HOT are also building fibre networks.

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