NAB To Shine Spotlight On ATSC 3.0 Tech

More than two dozen companies will be showing off technologies and product tied to ATSC 3.0, the next-gen TV transmission standard, at this month’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The “ATSC 3.0 Pavilion” at the show’s Futures Park in the North Hall will showcase an array of IP-based systems and technologies that can deliver UHD with HDR (High Dynamic Range), interactive features, and multi-channel immersive audio.

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“We are approaching a landmark moment for broadcast technology and are excited to highlight the progress made in advancing new elements of the Next Gen TV standard,” said ATSC President Mark Richer, in a statement. “The flexibility of ATSC 3.0 will usher in a new era of broadcast television to enhance how we receive emergency alerts, stay informed, and enjoy entertainment, at home and on the move.? Next Gen TV can change how business is done and enhance how broadcasters interact with their communities.”

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Here’s the latest list of what’s on tap:

-BBC Research and Development will be demonstrating the HLG HDR format developed in conjunction with NHK of Japan. The company will be demonstrating the picture quality of HLG (part of the) in the context of ATSC A/341 Video Proposed Standard and the latest ITU recommendation (BT 2100).

-Dolby will offer a hands-on demonstration of live AC-4 encoding and decoding (specified in the A/342 part 2 ATSC Standard) using the Dolby DP591 encoder and DP580 reference decoder, highlighting codec efficiency, dialog enhancement, and new advanced DRC and loudness functionality.

-DTV Innovations will introduce an ATSC 3.0-compliant solution based on the PSIP Pro and PSIP Central EPG software. The new support for A/331 Signaling ATSC Candidate Standard, A/332 Service Announcement ATSC Standard, and portions of the Broadcast Gateway/Scheduler A 324 Candidate Standard will be featured.

-DekTec is showing its range of test modulators and demodulators for ATSC 3.0, particularly demonstrating the fully compliant ATSC 3.0 affordable test modulators in PCIe form (DTA-2115B) and USB-3 form (DTU-315). Both modulators support ATSC 3.0 as well as legacy ATSC 1.0 systems.?

-ENENSYS and UniSoft will demonstrate a ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Delivery chain, highlighting three products: its ATSC 3.0 Scheduler/Broadcast Gateway called ATSCheduler, its ATSC 3.0-compliant IPGuard and the dedicated ATSC3.0 Lab modulator form its Test Tree Business Unit.

-Ericsson, in collaboration with Sony and Triveni Digital, will demonstrate an end to end ATSC 3.0 solution for targeted advertising based on its MediaFirst Video Processing portfolio.? MediaFirst Encoding Live encodes or transcodes MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC or HEVC at resolutions up to UHD with HDR.? MediaFirst Packaging provides DASH compliant streams for integration with downstream ROUTE or MMT servers.?

-Eurofins Digital Testing will be showcasing its range of automation test tools for end-to-end conformance testing of devices and technologies, including ATSC 3.0 (supported by Unisoft). This will include a prototype of its conformance test tool that enables verification of receivers to the ATSC 3.0 standard.

-Harmonic will showcase the Electra X encoder handling various mixes of 1080p60 channels with HDR and UHD channels with HDR.? Harmonic also will show the Electra X MPEG-2 compression system and the ProStream X software multiplexer with ATSC 1.0 capabilities, designed to help the migration to ATSC 3.0.

-The National Engineering Research Center for DTV (NERC-DTV) will showcase an interactive system consisting of an ATSC 3.0 broadcast down-link and DRC uplink developed by NERC-DTV and SJTU. Features of both physical and application layers of DRC will be demonstrated.

-Triveni Digital will demonstrate its technologies supporting ATSC 3.0.

NAB said other ATSC member organizations will highlight the capabilities of ATSC 3.0 in their own exhibits at the 2017 NAB Show:

-BitRouter will display architecture and plans for its ATSC 3.0 hybrid TV software package called ATSC3pak offering an integrated approach for ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 receivers.

-DigiCAP is bringing multiple ATSC 3.0 demonstration systems from South Korea to event. ?DigiCAP will show a production end-to-end UHD workflow system, from HEVC encoder through DigiCAP’s signaling, electronic service guide, remux and scheduler-gateway to an exciter and then to an ATSC 3.0-enabled television.?

-DS Broadcast is showing a number of next-get TV broadcast products including its ATSC 3.0 Encoder, ATSC 3.0 Decoder, and ATSC 3.0 Scheduler.

-ETRI will display its end-to-end demonstration for UHD/HD simulcasting including the physical layer to presentation layer technologies, providing UHD and multiple indoor/ mobile HD streams simultaneously.?

-Fraunhofer IIS will showcase the MPEG-H TV Audio system, the sole audio system selected for ATSC 3.0 broadcast in Korea. It will be the first next-generation audio system used on-the-air when regular broadcasts begin in Korea on May 31st, 2017.? MPEG-H allows viewers to adjust the sound mix to their preferences, and supports immersive audio.

-Gates Air is showing its latest Maxiva UHF and VHF transmitters, including the ULXTE liquid-cooled series and the VAXTE air-cooled series. The latter is significant as one of the few transmitters on the market to address low-band (as well as high-band) VHF needs for the Spectrum Repack and ATSC 3.0.

-Hitachi-Comark will be debuting the EXACT-V2 DTV exciter.? This IP-optimized exciter platform is ready for both ATSC 1.0 and 3.0.

-News-Press and Gazette Company will show off its on-air broadcast television video content running on the ATSC 3.0 OTT box. NPG along with its partner, Whiz Technologies and the CTO office at NAB has developed the technology to distribute its video content on OTT platforms like Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and now, the ATSC 3.0 set top box.

-OpenZNet will be demonstrating the capabilities of ATSC 3.0 interactive application environment on the PILOT Gateway.? The demonstration will include various interactive broadcast applications such as targeted and local advertising, program-based interactivity, social media, games and weather.

-ProTelevision Technologies is planning to show NAB attendees a setup of its exciter transmitting ATSC 3.0 supporting LDM both on MFN and SFN.

-TeamCast will demonstrate its new VORTEX II exciter, featuring dual ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 modulation.

-The Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group will be showing implementations of technologies in support of the A/342 ATSC 3.0 Standard for next generation audio.? The new Linear Acoustic AMS (Authoring and Monitoring) system will demonstrate real-world production scenarios for authoring and monitoring immersive, personalized audio for the home audience.

-Verance will show Aspect, which aims to make television measurable, personalized, and interactive, enabling relevant and immersive viewer experiences. Broadcasters are deploying Aspect in major U.S. markets, enabling ATSC 3.0 features in the current ATSC 1.0 environment.