Pay TV Market In Latin America Reached 74.3 Million Subscribers In Q2 2017

Following Dataxis research, the Pay TV market in Latin America reached 74.3 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2017, ended almost unchanged from the previous quarter. Although the market remained stable, America Movil and AT&T (DirecTV), the two main groups lost subscribers.

America Movil lost 1.3% of its Pay-TV subscriber base in the second quarter of 2017, while AT&T lost 0.6%. On the other hand, Televisa who occupied the third place grew at 0.30%. These three actors own 54.2% of Pay TV subscribers in the region for Q2 2017, representing 0.8% less than Q1 2017. The business leader by revenue was AT&T with an ARPU of US$ 35 and is among the highest in Latin America. America Movil’s ARPU stood at US$ 27.3 while Televisa was at US$ 13.5, resulting in a lower turnover.