Sdmc: DVB+OTT Set-top Box Market Potential

Sdmc, founded in 2003, focused on digital television systems and product development. Main products include DVB+OTT set-top box and OTT set-top box, which DVB+OTT set-top box is one of its main product lines.

DVB+OTT set-top box product brands currently on the market, and the quality varies greatly, so when users purchase products are always confused, and some distributors and large customers, is more cautious.

On market Shang of situation, General Shang for, with Chau electronic, and nine Chau set-top box are is stands in domestic market years not pour of giant, although set-top box products is a circulation more slow of a special products, but Hua Xi up, this birth Yu 2003 of enterprise, is is in in recent years with with extraordinary of Institute occurred quality and extraordinary of self-confidence, also rely on with global ground digital TV of development and gradually development, and momentum rapid, products sales also compared in previous years has improve.