Sdmc: DVB+OTT Set-top Box Support HbbTV Features

Sdmc DVB+OTT set-top box products, including OTT+DTMB, OTT+DVB-T2, OTT+DVB-S2 and so on product lines, most of the models are able to support the Beenius,HbbTV function.

HbbTV is short for hybrid broadcast-broadband TV, is a global initiative, through the Internet, television, set-top boxes and multiple-screen devices for the transmission of user services, which coordinated broadcast and broadband transmission.

Sdmc DV7908-TH (DTMB+OTT) support HBBTV features:

Sdmc is a quad-core DTMB+OTT DV7908-TH set-top box, the models of set-top boxes using Android 4.4 operating system, supports the H.265 decoding up to 1080P@60fps, support 1080P full HD 3D Blu-ray video playback output. Support the Beenius,HbbTV function.

Sdmc DV7908-TH (DTMB+OTT) features:

* Fully support HD DTMB standard, with support for 7 day electronic program guide, support USB recording, time shift, program playback, alarm play

* Support for HTML5,RTSP,HLS,Smooth streaming

* Support for Beenius,HbbTV functions

* DRM: Verimatrix, Playready, Widevine

* Supports TR069

* Using a USB flash drive or network upgrade software

* Have access to iOS or Android phone/Tablet handling

* Support for DLNA,Airplay,Miracast

* Support 1080P full HD 3D Blu-ray video playback output