Sdmc Exhibition CCBN2016,OTT+ Products And Cloud Platform Attention

CCBN2016 is in Beijing opened curtain, the exhibition of theme for "cloud poly full media, wisdom meeting new audio-visual", from country of exhibition business will will gathered a Hall, discussion three network fusion, and 4K Super HD, and cloud computing, multiple problem, Hua Xi up as exhibition business one of, brings of products conform to times development, for industry provides has another a may, attract has many participants of eye.

Sdmc as the industry's old set-top box manufacturers, developed the world's first OTT+DVB set-top boxes as early as 2013, all along, the sdmc is famous for its high technology and high quality. This exhibition of sdmc is a set-top box that contains "OTT+" of the full range of products, which OTT+DTMB set-top box is very powerful, a case study of DV8104-TH, Amlogic905, 4GBRAM, this speed is very fast, and second, DV8104-TH HD, H.265 hard solution also supports the 4K and AVS+ functions.

4K market starting this year is rising, data show that 4K video Terminal products industry market share more than full HD TV will be the first time in 2016. As mentioned earlier, sdmc DV8104-TH 4K OTT+DTMB STB HD playback, video output up to 60 frames per second, the playback screen without dropped frames, Cottonwood, delay and other phenomena, which is still in the industry-leading level. In addition, the sdmc set-top box solution supports the H.265 hard-coded and original disk file decoding BD Blu-ray playback support, with professional HDMI source output. Among them, the H.265 hard solutions feature on very low bandwidth requirements, in the case of guarantee ultra high definition picture quality, only half the bandwidth is sufficient, it is easier for users to use. While the video is playing on the pursuit of, sdmc can't have the slightest neglect, have been working on the latest clear most professional broadcast technology, in order to bring users even more unexpected audio enjoyment.