SDMC Launches Nextgen XMediaTV Platforms

China’s Shenzhen SDMC has unveiled a new generation of XMedia TV video business integration ecosystems for over-the-top (OTT) video operators.

sdmcComprising an OTT service operation platform, an OTT service operation and maintenance platform, and an OTT value-added service platform, the solutions provide a complete service operation ecology for operators.

As well as a pure OTT Internet TV service, SDMC’s latest technology supports the hybrid model of OTT+ DVB. It also supports Android TV clients using one cloud multiscreen, and a range of iOS and Android mobile devices.

“The biggest feature of the XMediaTV platform is open ecosystem integration, with powerful capabilities to quickly interface with content providers, applications and massive Internet content, and help operators speed up online to generate profits,” said Kevin Zhang, product director and vice president of SDMC’s XMedia TV.

“Another major feature is that the operation and maintenance platform and value-added service platform provide a strong guarantee for the long term and stable operation of operators, as well as big data and cloud computing services.”

SDMC cooperates with Google to launch customised Android TV solutions for operators. As such, the XMediaTV Eco-Solution is already integrated outside China with Google’s Android TV ecosystem, supporting Google Play apps, YouTube videos, voice search, Google Assistant and Google Home. The technology also has Netflix certification.

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