Sdmc: OTT+DVB-T2 Set-top Box Romania Universal Access And Opportunity

According to Broadband TV News report, Romania issued new draft Emergency Ordinance of the Ministry of information industry, which will have important significance for TV industry.

Romania Hotnews reported first cut the television service of the Department of information industry of the VAT taxes, from 24% per cent to 9%.

Secondly, the Ministry of information industry and establish an audiovisual Fund. Third, the regulations will ensure a transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting.

Romania is the latest finish conversion of digital terrestrial broadcasting in Europe countries, the conversion will begin on June 17, 2015. Proposal calls for the end of 2016, allow public and private television stations continue to broadcast in analog form on a transitional basis, while the radio frequency band between 174-230 MHz.

Apply to Romania OTT+DVB-T2 set-top box

Sdmc is a quad-core OTT+DVB-T2 DV7904-T2 set-top box, the 4.4 set-top box using the Android operating system, supports the H.265 decoding up to 1080P@60fps, support for 3D, Blu-ray video playback, 1080P full HD output.