Sdmc OTT Set-top Box Manufacturers: Support For High-end Custom, Think About Quality Of Life

TV appearance of the media technology, have to say human life with an "amazing" transformation experience, from the beginning of the silent black and white television to color TV with sound later and now commonly used in LCD televisions, and so on, the entertainment media the quality of life of people has been increasing. Along with advances in technology and development, the emergence of television set-top boxes again for TV entertainment bring new imagination, OTT set-top box manufacturers sdmc whole-hearted commitment to innovative research and development of digital video products, provides end-to-end advanced digital television solutions and value-added service operation platform, the company into a leader in digital video products in the Internet era.

Sdmc OTT set-top box manufacturers recently introduced quad-core Android OTT set-top box DV8120, DV8120 powered by Android 5.1 operating system, support for quad-core processing, the ultra HD resolution up to 4K*2K output. Multi-screen interaction DV8120 satisfy user needs, users can directly from the Android or IOS phones and tablets to control the set-top box, home use more worry, more convenient. In addition, DV8120 has the new upgraded model, users can upgrade software through USB memory sticks, SD cards and other, more content in one fell swoop.

Sdmc said OTT set-top box manufacturers to promote the set-top box can be used as a typical representative of modern digital media technology, dedicated for users to create a new era of home entertainment.