SDMC Showcases Its 4G-LTE STB And XMedia System At CommunicAsia 2017

SDMC Technology Company showcased its latest Set-top boxes, XMedia TV System and 4K Smart TV at 

CommunicAsia2017 from 23th to 25th May 2017 in Singapore. The new launched OTT + 4G-LTE + Router 

STB, XMedia System, 4K Smart TV attract large numbers of Visitors to ask. 


The President of SDMC Technology, Lee Bo, said :” With content, OTT platform, hardware, we are make 

effort to become a first-class leader  in Southeast Asia.”

SDMC OTT + 4G-LTE + Router Set-top box called DV8230-AP LTE. The TV box can connect to internet via 4G,

WAN,Wi-Fi and should also be able to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Wi-Fi signal is more stable and stronger.

XMedia TV System and 4K Play Smart TV are specially design for  operators. The first one is OTT IPTV 

Operation platform, which includesTerminal management system (TMS), Statistical analysis system (SAS), 

OTT TV Platform( live tv, VOD,CMS, APPstore), Valued-added service system(VAS), Billing system.OTT IPTV 

4K Smart TV is a new development after set-top boxes, comes with android 7.0 system, available size from 

43” to 65”.