Sdmc TV Set-top Box: The Intellectual Light Media

Talking about characteristic of our times, "smart" and "high-end" is synonymous with main, in the development of technology, the emergence of more sophisticated products, so that our lives are filled with more novel experience. Speak of technology development, TV technology is regarded as one of the most typical representatives of the media, in the development of TV media over the years, people witnessed the "miracle", from a single frame of the free choice of integrated channels, from simple on-demand television network ... ... This "miracle" was brought about by the TV set-top box manufacturers with multi-functional TV set-top boxes.

Said TV set-top box manufacturers, had to said Hua Xi up technology, for digital depending on news of development, Hua Xi up build-up has a excellent of technology development personnel and research personnel, Hua Xi up insisted to provides advanced of digital TV, and network technology, promote human civilization development for target, full heart is committed to digital depending on news products of innovation development, provides advanced of digital TV end to end solution programme and value-added service operation platform. In terms of end products, sdmc TV set-top box manufacturers have released the first OTT+DVB set-top box, will diversify into end products, help customers realize a variety of family entertainment.