The App Store A New Audio-visual CCBN2016 End, Sdmc Complete Ending

On March 26, 2016, to "cloud the whole new audio-visual media app store" as the theme of the 24th international exhibition on broadcast and television information network (CCBN2016) came to an end, sdmc technology with its OTT+ series set-top boxes and VAS value added operating system Blockbuster debut, and the perfect ending.

As terminal equipment and digital video industry VAS value added operating system provider, sdmc has been OTT set-top boxes, OTT+DVB set-top box and VAS value added operating system right at the product line. In this year of CCBN2016 exhibition Shang, Hua Xi up OTT set-top box aspects mainstream products is four nuclear flagship DV8120 OTT set-top box solution programme and DV8119 four nuclear OTT set-top box, and VAS value-added operation service system is is Hua Xi up 2016 years of important products, the system used advanced of technology framework, latest of calculation and storage technology, flexibility high, support advertising, and application store, and online education, and game entertainment, and intelligent home, and family health management, and TV Mall and other interactive businesses and other value-added services can control terminals supported data collection and push, user behavior analysis and ratings, and so on.

Sdmc since its establishment has already in the past more than 10 years, sdmc concentrated focus on digital video industry, seeks to provide a global end-to-end solutions for new media to create value-added operation services platform. In future development time, sdmc Rodriguez will, as always, with roots in digital video, combined with market demand, continuously will be the most advanced, the most suitable and most complete technology and services to the market.