TV Box Will Face The Replacement Tide

Many families like to buy a TV box to watch more programs. As the smart TV enter into 

the home widely, Will TV box go downhill or even disappear? For this problem,SDMC official

 recently said in an interview “ No. Because the contents of the TV box manufacturers are

 not the same, the TV box will face frequent replacement tide.”

The official told reporters ,  "Although impact by Internet TV,  we do not worry about the 

TV box market will shrink. TV box sales and smart TV sales are a counter-cyclical." he believes

 that the major manufacturers launched a TV box, it isn’t the same in the program content , not

 homogeneous competition. As the TV box is cheap, a family of television at the same time connected

to three or four TV boxes to watch different content is normal. In his view, the TV box will become

 smart TV accessories, people will frequent replacement TV box, just likes to replace the headset 

of a phone.