TV Play The Android System, Smart TV Box B-LINK New Products Coming Soon

BL-P12 is the B-LINK upcoming new Android smart TV box, BL-P12 the entire small and portable, black design, the smallest and most portable home computer programs, Plug-and-play! portable video cameras with MINI PC, Internet TV, video game feel free to share with your friends, but also can be used as USB flash drive, card reader! Baidu input method pre-installed, Android keyboard, very powerful!

BL-P12 built-in 3D acceleration, perfect support 3D games, Google market up to more than 20,000 kinds of excellent software, support multiple formats, all video files that the network broadcast. Free download Max 2160P (resolution 3840*2160) full HD playback, support MP1,MP2,MP3,WMA,OGG,AAC,M4A,FLAC,APE,AC3,AMR,DTS,RA,WAV formats such as audio playback, audio information category, album covers and so on. Direct support for hard disks, digital cameras, mobile phones, USB memory stick, card readers, keyboards, mice, and other data to share.

BL-P12 Android smart TV box, powered by Google Android operating system Android4.0.4, support Opera,UCWeb,SkyFile,Dolphin, and many other browsers. In addition to traditional TV feature, also allow TV Web browsing, video, watch, chat, Office games, as with the Tablet and Smartphone features. With the Android system so that ordinary TV promotion of intelligent, hundreds of thousands of Android market applications, games and content easily.